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The European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013 recognises that the role of research is essential in the new economy, acting as the intermediary link between entrepreneurship and the technological and scientific achievements. More opportunities for research exist in the Greek side than in Bulgarian. Most research institutes are located in Thessaloniki; moreover, research activities in diverse scientific and technological sectors are performed in Universities spread all over the CBC area.

However, there is still plenty to be done in the field of research which can contribute to the development of a knowledge based economy, goal set by the Lisbon agreement. In a unified European space, benefits from scientific research, technological progress and innovation should not be restricted within the national borders.
The project is the result of bringing together of various converging needs and achievements:

a) INA has been active in agrobiotechnological research and has had several successes and is seeking actively to have a direct impact on industry. Such co-operation has existed for many years with Greek industries. It is now seeking to establish such connections with nearby Bulgarian industry and producers.

b) IEE is a pioneer in paving the way to new forms of exhibition activity and in particular wants to enter into what is expected to be the thrust of the regional economic development: innovation and technology transfer

c) the Mountain's Milk National Association wants to benefit from the advancements of agrobiotechnology to assist the Bulgarian milk industry meet EU standards and achieve the desired productivity for the producers of the Rodopi mountains

The Feast of Beans in Smilyan
Prof. Tsaftaris, the Director of INA, in the 4th Panhellenic Conference AGROTICA
The 4th Panhellenic Conference for the exhibition AGROTICA, organised by HELEXPO in Thessaloniki International Fair was completed successfully on Feb. 4th, 2012. The topic of the Conference was "New crops and Technologies for Agriculture as Prospects for Development" Prof. Tsaftaris, the Director of INA, made a presentation on the "Agricultural Production in the Era of Genomics: the Bio-Agronutrition Cluster"

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The Programme is co-funded by the European Union (ERDF) and National Funds of Greece and Bulgaria

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